Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ideas for Kids' Team Snacks

It was our turn for snack for Zack's basketball team.  On the spur of the moment, I came up with the idea of taking Cuties and turning them into little basketballs.  Here's a picture:

We just took a Sharpie and made lines on the oranges so that they looked like basketballs.  Clever & Simple.

When it's our turn for snack, I try to make our contribution meet the following criteria:
1) Semi-Healthy (at least one piece of fruit)
2) Fun for the kids
3) Inexpensive

Here our some past treats.  The first picture is from one of Ripken's baseball games about three years ago(before I came up with the idea that snacks needed to have some nutritional value!)
 I made the cupcakes and used some white icing.  And then, Tom used a small bottle of cake decorating gel to draw the baseball stitches.
 For this snack last year, I took plain pieces of paper, wrapped them around juice boxes, and drew the lines with crayon.  The bags behind them were leftover party favor bags that I stuck Astros napkins in (we live in Houston and Ripken was on the Astros).  I also included bananas, granola bars, and foil-wrapped, sports-themed chocolates.  (You can find bags of these for 99 cents at Party City).
These snack bags weren't for a team treat, but it's basically the same idea.  Tom was taking the boys to an Astros game and I made up snack bags that included goodies and healthy snacks with some leftover Astros napkins.  I made labels for the water bottles that had their names and stickers.  Although Tom still ended up buying some drinks for the boys at the game, we saved a lot of money doing some pre-made snacks!

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